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message de l admin

24 Avatar de steph31600
steph31600 Le 20/03/2017
Mes retraits ont ete annulés.Message de l admin :

Hello steph316000,

It saddens me very much to make this announcement.
The team and I have giving a hundred percent to WLF.
Since February 17th deposits and members promoting WLF when on a steep decline.
I educated mentored hundreds of members.
I also shared formulas and strategies to all members how to build a solid wlf business.
How to promote WLF, I had external funds that would paying off their loyalty bonuses and the career bonuses and I made it very clear that bring in new members was the lifeline of WLF.
The reality was that 60% to 70% our members did absolutely nothing they did not deposit or promote WLF.
Unfortunately there is not one rev share that can survive 60% of its members not being active.
They did not even listen to the webinars and videos that I took so much time out of my life to share my formulas and strategies to be successful.
They were too busy I'm looking for that other shiny object.
Unfortunately there are many people like that more than we could ever imagine that sign up to rev shares and you absolutely nothing.
We never know for sure if these people are going to get involved or do absolutely zero...
That is the sad part.
I do want to say thank you to all the active members that believed in WLF.
For the list of members that did absolutely nothing shame on you and you all know who you are.
WLF hide everything in place to succeed unfortunately 60% non active members is the worst.
All the funds from the deposits have been exhausted in all processes.
I will leave the site running and we are going to be working on reconstructing WLF.
Some how as owners of rev shares we must eradicate all these members that manipulate the Rev shares by doing absolutely nothing.
We will rebuild & WLF will be back.
6 Avatar de fabrf3
fabrf3 Le 20/03/2017
La fin du coup ?
25 3 Avatar de CiNoD
CiNoD Le 22/03/2017
Un beau fiasco ce revshare.
6 Avatar de fabrf3
fabrf3 Le 07/04/2017
Trop tard le litige payza pour moi.
Je n'aurai pas hésité !

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