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Site passé en statut douteux

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Sinay974 Le 19/07/2017
Le site lavida nueva a été passé en statut douteux :

Atention la société à perdu beaucoup d'argent l'activité et compromise voici le mail du CEO  :  

Dear Investors and Partners, 

Moments of joy and success are far more easy to express than moments of difficulties. The world we live in is not always stable, thus everybody living in it has to adapt if circumstances require it. Although the last months have been extremely successful and LaVida was able to grow tremendously. These last weeks have been very difficult for us to handle. 
The Cryptocurrency market is in an extreme correction phase in which the company was not able to create profit. The „SegWit“ is the next event which is extremely critical. From today until further notice withdrawals over Bitcoin will be deactivated. All of the companies bitcoins will be stored in an secure wallet to avoid any losses.  
In regular trading we don't have any problems but as we tried to withdrawal earnings over the last weeks the banks are trying to stall this process. They are delaying the payments due to explanation of checking.  
We know that it is not easy to resist but the company has decided not to give up. 
For time being we will not allow any new customers, deposits or reinvests in the company. 
For a certain period of time we have to lower the earnings to a totally safe level for the company so that we can continue to develop in a safe way. This means that for this current week, earnings will be 0,1%, regardless the deposit plan you have chosen. The current available account balances will be frozen and it will be only allowed to withdrawal 0,1% of the active deposits. This value can differ weekly according the development of LaVida Nueva. This step also proves that we are no Ponzi scheme and over the next months it will become totally clear.  
The sending of incentives is not affected and everybody who has qualified for a bonus will receive it. 
We know the cut is dramatic and we apologize for this, however you can be sure that our goals have never changed in making each life better. We might have received a hit, some might say we have fallen. But we will always stand up again and continue to fight for you! 

Daniel Alexander Lopez Vargas 
CEO LaVida Nueva Ltd.
63 5 Avatar de widyship
widyship Le 19/07/2017
encore merci pour ta réactivité et surtout de le passer en douteux pour evite le pire au nouveaux investisseurs ....
venez faire des affaires serieusement avec nous

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